Assembly and handling systems

Assembly lines for automotive
Special handling systems
Special engraving and laser marking machines
Special assembly precesses and riveting machines
Special welding machines
Special tools for assembly and testing machines
Special packaging machines

Rubber products finishing machines

Pipes production machines
Sleeves building machines
Cutting, profiling, grinding, marking machines
Trasmission belts testing and measuring machines
Hydraulic pipes and hoses testing and measuring machines

Special processes machines

Glass and carbon fibers taping machines
Handling and finishing systems
Industrial washing systems

Manufacturing machines

Hydraulic, hydro-pneumatic and elecrical presses
Special lathes
Brushing machines
Milling machines
Industrial shears

Testing machines

Geometrical measurements benches
Testing machines with climatic chamber
Fluidic tests benches
Leak-test benches
Electrical tests benches

Process control and supervision systems

Traceability management RFID systems
Artificial vision systems
Production management software
Electronic devices for control and calibration of pneumatic and electronic actuators